the things you love should be at the center of your life

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

"Library is peoples"-- Bradbury

I want to be a people in the library

filling shelves like slobber all over chin

like alphabets kissing sides of blocks.

I want to be a people in a book a black

lily folded under a nose. I want to be dreams

all over the planet mars. I want to be held in

a stranger’s hand, like time holds rocks. Crumble,

dust. I want to sneak into excited

eyes like a new word. perambulate pages.

Make multiple sounds out of a short walk around

the garden of imagination. Sit under pine

sipping plot from the pulp. thinned

on is, if, and this. Then, because of thick bundles

browned I will fight finite and live in bounds.

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