God Within by Sage Mack

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

This poem was featured in the current issue of "Canary Review."


The first lie we tell ourselves is that we are not God

The second is that He walks with divine retribution Tucked in his mouth ready for

Spit fire

We shall fear his word

Shall see him in every reflection but our own Let every holy scripture

paint me evil Paint me sin

A mistake his son died to correct

Call him father cuz he be the ghost yo mama prayed to every night On her knees bent

and begging

I guess your father and God liked her in the same position

See I never knew God wasn’t a synonym for self That my birth wasn’t a baptism in


That I wasn’t holy just for existing

How old were you when you learned to pray to everything but yourself?

When heaven became a wish youd clasp your tiny hands to make Sacred that one day

God won’t see you as an angel anymore.

How long did it take for you to wash the psalms off your skin? Was every proverb

written in burning ink,

scorched in divine scripture on your body

Did it make you finally feel holy?

Like God was just a whisper away

Like yall was on speaking terms again cuz he forgot to worship you Forgot to see you

as a mirror

As himself an equal

In this relationship

Reciprocity is you praying to one another

My grandmother used to tell me that if you looked hard enough You could see God in

just about everything

So I found a mirror.

Graphite drawing by: Ts'epang Matekane

Sage Mack is a writer studying English at Cleveland State University. As a Omo Shango in Ifa with Virgo placements in 4 major planets Sages passions run deep, not only in writing but in other areas of art including videography, street art, and creative directing. Sage is a non binary witch hoping to change the world one spell and poem at a time.

Ts'epang Matekane My name is Ts’epang-meaning ‘to have hope’ in my native language of Sesotho. I was born in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and grew up in both New York City and Johannesburg,SA. I am a doctor (very soon to be) by day and artist by night. I would describe myself as a multi-culturalist with a firm belief in the upliftment of the African people. Dream, Explore, Learn and Grow is my life mantra.

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